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Dual Credit

Click here to view the Dual Credit Parent Night Presentation from July 14, 2022.


Course Fee: $100

Lab Course Fee: $35

Instant Access Fee (eBook/Textbook): $35 per credit hour

Distance Learning Fee: $15 per credit hour


All DCO textbooks are located within each individual course in Canvas. The instructor for each course will give specific instructions explaining where to locate the textbook within the course. All DCO textbooks are eBooks, meaning that they are only electronic copies. If students wish to have a paper copy of the textbook, they will have to purchase this separately.



There are 2 proctored exams that are required for all DCO courses, which consist of the Midterm Exam and the Final Exam. The testing window is set by Hinds Community College, and all exams will be taken through Honorlock this semester.

• Midterm exam week is Monday, October 11 – Friday, October 15 this semester. Midterm grades are due Monday, October 18.

• Final exam week is Monday, November 29 – December 3, and Final grades are due Monday, December 6.

The courses listed below may require the student to come to a Hinds Proctor Lab location to take their 2 proctored exams. In addition, their proctored exams dates may differ as well. All of this information is provided to the students by the instructors in their Canvas shell. If your students have any questions regarding their proctored exams, please advise them to reach out to their instructors for further information. These courses are listed below for your convenience.

• Principles of Biology (BIO 1113/1111)

• Human A&P (BIO 2513/2511)

• Chemistry I (CHE 1213/1211)

• American Literature I (ENG 2223)

• Western Civilization II (HIS 1123)

• American History I (HIS 2213)

• Trigonometry (MAT 1323)

• Statistics (MAT 2323)

• Business Calculus I (MAT 1513)

• Spanish I (MFL 1213)

• Introduction to Philosophy (PHI 2113)



April 6 Fall 2021 semester registration begins for online classes

August 20 Deadline to register for Fall- term online classes

August 23 First day of classes for Fall- term online classes

August 24 Last day to add/drop online classes for Fall- term

August 25 First day to withdraw from Fall- term online classes

October 11-15 Midterm exam week for Fall- term online classes

October 18 Midterm grades are due to the Dual Credit Online Coordinator for Fall- term online classes

November 5 Deadline to withdraw from Fall-term online classes

Nov 29-Dec 3 Final exam week for Fall-term online classes

December 3 Last day for Fall-term online classes

December 6 Final grades are due to the Dual Credit Online Coordinator for Fall-term online classes


Click the links below to access information for Dual Credit enrollment and classes. 

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Dual Credit Score Requirements

CTE Dual Credit Electronic Packet

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Dual Credit Paper Application