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Equestrian Club


When: Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 3:45-5:45

Where: Shenandoah Stables

Bus Number: 12-7

We had our first meeting at the barn on Tuesday, Sept. 14th.  We met the six horses that we will use.  Then we brought three of them into the barn - Fred, Raz and Widow - and practiced grooming them, leading them and feeding them.  Lastly, we cleaned up.  Next week, we will learn how to clean tack (the saddles, bridles, etc.) and fit each horse with a saddle and bridle.

Sponsor:  Ms. Shannon Risinger, Rm. 110
Barn Owners:  Robert and Petra Kay
Meets on Tuesdays 3:45 - 5:45 at Shenandoah Stables, LLC which is located at 109A Pender Cove, Brandon, MS 39047
It’s on the route of Bus 12-7 - if you ride the bus there, you must have a bus pass to do so, and a ride home afterwards.
Requirements:  See Ms. Risinger for the paperwork needed prior to attending meetings.

Shenandoah Stables Website

Pictures from the Fox Hunt and Girl Scouts Visit


1.  There are 2 new, updated forms from the barn owner to fill out; see Ms. Risinger in Rm. 110 or email her ( to get them.  Return them to Ms. Risinger as soon as possible; if I'm not here, put them in the letter box beside my room door, or you can bring them with you to the barn. 

2.  Make sure you've filled out a "Drug Testing Consent" form if you haven't already done one this year for another club, band, etc.   I have those, or you can get one from the office in the TOMS building.  Return it to the office in the TOMS building. 

3.  You'll need to acquire heeled boots and a helmet.  Helmets and/or boots can be found for purchase at the Rankin County Co-Op, Tack of the Town, Tractor Supply, or any boot store, or online through Amazon, or Stateline TackDoverChick's Saddlery, or Schneider's.  You will need the boots and helmet BEFORE you start riding.  We recommend a riding vest also. 

4.  We will be using the app GroupMe to send out announcements.  Ms. Risinger will add you to it by your email.  Then, if you want, you can go in and add your phone number to receive messages that way.

5.  If you ride the bus, be sure to check beforehand that the number hasn't changed.  It seems that this bus is substituted frequently by another bus.  Listen for bus change announcements during 4th period, or ask an administrator out by the buses.

Equestrian Club

Learning about Equestrian Dental Care