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STAR Students & Teachers

This is an image of Kayla Troung and Mrs. King smiling with a ball of fire.

Kayla on being a STAR Student: "The Star Student Award is quite distinguished, and it represents the abundance of guidance and support the teachers at Northwest have bestowed upon me. I strongly believe that I would not have met the requirements if I didn't have their mentorship and encouragement. With the academic and life lessons I learned from teachers like Mrs. King, I achieved a 36 on the ACT and a 100+ Cumulative GPA, qualifying me for the Star Student Program. I was overjoyed and relieved when I heard that I was a Star Student because I felt like the time spent and sacrifices made were beginning to pay off."

Mrs. King on Kayla: "Kayla came to tell me that I would be her "Star Teacher" on the first day of school this year. it literally made my year! I've been teaching 25 years, and this is the first time that I have received this honor. To me, this means the most, because it is chosen by students. Kayla didn't need me to succeed; she worked hard for all of her success and I think she was in my room for most zero blocks. Kayla always wanted to understand the "why" behind every lesson. She was also a great help to others who were struggling. She has a fantastic personality, and always just looks at me with her beautiful smile. Ironically, Kayla was also my first ever "incident report" for the lab in 25 years! But even so, words can't describe how honored I am for her to choose me as her "Star Teacher.

I can't wait to see where her future leads her, and one day I'm gonna say: "I taught that one EVERYTHING she knows! LOL!" We have a fantastic staff at NWRHS. Kayla had many other teachers she could have chosen. This honor was so important to me, that the first thing I did was call my daddy and momma. As teachers, it is our hope that we can be a positive influence on a few students, but sometimes THEY make an impression on us! Thanks Kayla for making such an impact on MY life!"

This is an image of Emily and Dr. Gilbreath.

Emily on being STAR Student: "For me, being a star student represents all the effort put in by both me and my teachers toward my education and future/ It stands as a testament to the merits of the constant pursuit for improvement. This achievement would not be possible without the support and encouragement of the teachers and leaders around me, such as my STAR teacher Dr. Gilbreath. With the determination and love for learning that I cultivated from them, I was able to score a 36 on the ACT and qualify as a STAR student. I felt thrilled when I heard that I qualified as a STAR student. I also felt proud of myself and my instructors who put in the time and hard work that enabled me to earn this honor."


Dr. Gilbreath on being STAR Teacher: "Being a Star Teacher means I've met my biggest, most important goal as a teacher - I've made a positive impact on a student. Being recognized for your hard work is always appreciated, and teaching awards are so special. For teachers, though, the most important part of our job is our students, so there is something extraordinary about being chosen for an award by a student.


Dr. Gilbreath on Emily: Lu's success is almost certainly because of the Star Wars blanket in my classroom. She uses it daily in AP Calculus, and I'm fairly certain it holds the key to academic brilliance. In all seriousness, I can't claim any large part of Lu's academic success. She's intelligent and hard-working, and she earned her excellent test scores from the education she received in her core classes and her own perseverance. I hope the courses I've taught Lu and the encouragement I've given her in those courses have pushed her to work harder, get creative, and challenge herself in math and engineering. The main thing I've done for Lu to help her succeed is create a supportive and safe space for her (and all my students) in my classroom. And offer comforting blankets.

I was elated when Lu asked me to be her Star Teacher. It's always an honor, and Lu had so many excellent teachers from which to choose. I've taught and coached Lu for three years, so I feel like I know her well. She's pretty awesome and I'm so honored to be her Star Teacher."