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Convergent Media Academy

The Northwest Rankin Convergent Media Academy is geared toward students who are interested in a career in digital media arts, marketing and communication. The students in this academy will learn a variety of different skills that will prepare them for a career in various fields of mass communications. 

Convergent Media Academy students will be exposed to experience in graphic design, print and online journalism, broadcast journalism, integrated marketing, filmmaking, podcasting, and much more!

This is a FOUR YEAR academy where students will increase the difficulty of skills learned throughout their time in this academy. At the end of their four years, students will create a professional portfolio that they can take with them to college and/or into a career. 

Year One

Team Building

First Amendment Rights

Copyright Law

Photoshop Basics

Podcast Basics

Videography Basics


Year Two

Print Journalism

Advanced Video Production

Photography Basics

Graphic Design

Profession Exploration

Job Shadowing


Year Three

Produce a Class Podcast

Video Practicum


Advanced Photography

Job Shadowing



The Paw






*** This is a working curriculum framework and is subject to change.