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Health Science Academy

The Northwest Rankin Health Science Academy is geared toward students who are interested in a career in any type of healthcare (veterinarian, nurse, doctor, sports medicine, psychology, pharmacy, or any other career that deals with health or medicine). The students in this academy will learn a variety of different skills that will prepare them for careers in various fields of healthcare. 

The Health Science Academy students will go on trips to various medical facilities, learn about anatomy & physiology, have days to shadow any healthcare worker of their choice, practice medical skills, learn medical terminology, have the opportunity to compete in a variety of HOSA competitions, and much more!

Download the brochure here!

Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four

Health Science I 

Algebra I or Geometry 

HS Biology I 

HS English I 

MS Studies/Intro to Geography 


Health Science II 

Algebra II or Geometry 

Human A&P (Chemistry is optional in addition to A&P)

English II 

World History 


Health Science III 

Upper level Math or DC Math 

CCSS English III, AP English III, or DC Comp I & II 

Chemistry (or upper level science if already took Chemistry)

US History or AP US History 


Health Science IV 

Upper Level Math or DC Math 

English IV, AP English IV, or DC Comp I & II, DC Literature, and/ or DC Creative Writing.

Upper Level Science 

US Government/ Economics or AP US Government/ AP Economics