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Northwest Rankin Engineering Academy

Do you enjoy math and science?

Do you enjoy designing and creating?

Do you like to work with and on computers?

Are you interested in a career in STEM?

Purpose: To engage students in the academic and creative processes of engineering design, preparing them for the rigors of a course of study in engineering after high school. 

9th grade: 10th grade: 11th grade: 12th grade
Introduction to 
Engineering Design
  • Design solutions to problems applying math, science, and engineering
  • Learn and apply 3D modeling software
  • Develop an engineering notebook for documentation of work


Principles of Engineering

  • Explore a broad range of engineering topics - mechanisms, strength of structures and materials, automation
  • Reinforce problem-solving, research, and design
  • Collaborate on and present designs




SpecializationCourse-Digital Electronics

  • Study topics such as combinational and sequential logic
  • Learn circuit design tools used in industry, including logic gates, integrated circuits, and programmable logic devices.




Capstone Course - Engineering Design and Development

  • Identify Issue
  • Research, design, create, and test a solution
  • Present solution to a panel of engineers


  • Honors Geometry
  • Biology I


  • Honors Algebra 2
  • Chemistry


  • Advanced Math Plus
  • AP Chemistry


  • AP Calculus
  • AP Physics

*9th graders who have no already completed Algebra I will take both Algebra I and Geometry during 9th grade. 

Yearly fee is $40, which includes academy t-shirts.

Questions? Email Dr. Trisha Gilbreath: or Mrs. Briana Perry: