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Education Leadership Academy

The Educational Leadership Academy program consists of high school courses designed to provide information and field experiences relevant to pursuing a degree in education and to prepare students for the rigors of a career in the field of education. The Educational Leadership Academy pathway program includes classroom and hands-on experiences that will prepare students for  continuing in a variety of fields of education. The NWRHS Educational Leadership Academy is a four-year course. 

Course Outline

Year 1

Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
  • Foundations of an Educator
  • Algebra I or Geometry
  • Biology I
  • Language Arts I 
  • MS Studies/Intro to Geography
  • 3 Electives
  • Practices of an Educator
  • Algebra II or Geometry
  • Biology II or Chemistry
  • Language Arts II 
  • World History
  • 3 Electives
  • Exploring Diversity in Instruction
  • Upper Level Math or College Math
  • Upper Level Science
  • Language Arts III or Comp I & II 
  • US History
  • 3 Electives
  • Progressive Practices of Teacher Academy
  • CPE Internship (at a school)
  • Language Arts IV or Comp I & II 
  • Upper Level Science
  • US Government/Economics
  • Upper Level Math or College Math